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Employment Screening

Q: How Can Employers Avoid Negligent Hiring Liability?
A: Employers can protect themselves from negligent hiring liability by thoroughly checking references and verifying all pertinent information about each job applicant before making a job offer. A criminal records search should be conducted for each place of residence a candidate has lived at for at least the last seven years. Employers should perform a minimum of three business or professional references, with whom the applicant has actually worked with on a daily basis within the last seven years. In addition, employers should also confirm all degrees and licenses claimed by the applicant. By taking these simple steps, every employer should be able to clearly demonstrate that reasonable care was used in the hiring process. Avoiding negligent hiring liability requires advance planning and the employer's ability to show that they did not neglect their responsibility to properly screen employees.
Q: How will I order search requests?
A: Search requests can be ordered via our website ordering platform. We recommend ordering searches online since it is the easiest and most efficient way to order background checks. Our online platform is powerful, secure and extremely easy to use.
Q: How will my searches be returned?
Your results will be posted on your web ordering site in a PDF format; an email notification will be sent to you notifying you of the compled reports. A convenient web link will be provided within the email notification.
Q: What are my payment options?
A: Your account can be setup to pay by company credit card at the end of each month or pay by company check. You will receive a detailed monthly invoice by email or posted on your web ordering site.
Q: Will I have to sign a contract?
A: The only contract you must agree to concerns the use of the information we provide. There is no usage contract and you may close your account at any time without a penalty. Click on the "Get Started" link to view all terms and conditions.
Q: Do I need a release form from the applicant?
A: Yes; you need to obtain a signed release from any applicant or employee that will be subject to a employment background check. Keep a copy of the signed release in your own files, and a provide a copy the Summary of Rights and the original signed release (as required by the FCRA) to the applicant or employee.

Q: Why do a drivers license history check?
A: Liability; anyone driving on behalf of your organization - even once - should have their driving history background checked.


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