General Questions

All you need to know about our company and how to get support.

Search requests can be ordered via our website ordering platform.  Also with our Account Management Center (AMC) you can have your applicants place their own orders online.  Our online platform is powerful, secure and extremely easy to use.

Your results will be posted on your web ordering platform in a PDF format ready for download.  An email notification will be sent to you notifying you of the completed reports a convenient web link will be provided within the email notification.

The only contract you must agree to concerns the use of the information we provide. There is no usage contract and you may close your account at any time without a penalty.

Your account can be setup to pay by company credit card at the end of each month or pay by company check. You will receive a detailed monthly invoice by email.

Yes; you need to obtain a signed release from any applicant or employee that will be subject to a employment background check. Sample release documents will be provided for your review from Global.

Negligent hiring is a legal theory under which employers can be held liable for the unlawful or improper actions of their applicants if it can be shown that they failed to make “reasonable” inquiries into the applicant’s background and suitability for the position. Most negligent hiring lawsuits maintain that the employer failed to conduct appropriate research, such as a criminal record history, employment verification and other background information, that would have disclosed the applicant’s past misconduct, and that, therefore, the employer was negligent for putting a person with criminal or other inappropriate tendencies, in a position where they could pose a threat to co-workers, customers or members of the general public.

Employers just concerned with avoiding liability would conduct a minimal search that would be considered a “reasonable” inquiry by our judicial system, thus helping to protect the company should a negligent hiring lawsuit arise. Since the law has not defined “reasonable,” an employer doing a minimal search is relatively protected from a negligent hiring claim. Global recommends this minimal search include, at least, a social security trace and criminal record searches.
If the employer has goals beyond liability protection, such as their assets, brand, and their employees, the screening process will be more extensive. Therefore, when determining what to include in the background check, employers must look at the various positions within their organization and request such services based on the job classification. For example, in addition to a social security trace and criminal record search, which is recommended for all positions, requesting a credit history report for a staff accountant position or driving record history for a delivery driver position would be both appropriate and highly recommended. Global can assist employers in developing an employment screening program to meet their specific hiring needs.

Yes. Certain state laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (a federal law that regulates who is permitted to access your consumer report information and how it can be used) generally require written or electronic consent from the job applicant prior to a third-party screening company like Global to conduct any criminal record search, credit history check, or reference check.

Three pieces of information are required for an accurate, thorough background check: Correctly spelled first and last, middle  name Date of birth Social Security Number (SSN)

The foundation for all of our screenings is a county history search. We highly recommend the additional Social Security Number Trace service for the most comprehensive and complete results via our Complete Criminal Record Locator.