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Looking for domestic background checks our average turnaround time is 24 to 72 hours order online 24/7.

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Global leads the industry in employment background checks. With over 26 years of industry experience we provide your company with the knowledge and coverage you require.

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Level 5 Physical Security and Cyber Security Our Data Center is SSAE 16 Certified Type I

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Features of Global’s Report Ordering Platform

Here are a few great features of our online ordering platform

Have Your Applicants Place Their Own Orders

Our Applicant Management Center 2.0 (AMC) allows you to track candidates through the hiring process; from the initial applicant invitation through the completed background check. The applicant information collected online is fed directly to Global to begin the background screening process. By having the candidate complete the information online, it decreases the number of keying errors, and allows your resources to focus on areas other than data entry.

Adverse Action Letter Features

Provide Global with your Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters and Global will put them into your online web-ordering platform along with a copy of the Summary of Your Rights document. On your Results page next to your applicant name click on the Adverse Action Letter icon and print out your letter, the Summary of Your Rights document and a copy of the report ready to send to your applicant. When generating the letter click the Reminder Email to be sent to yourself to generate the second Adverse Action Letter.

Report Packages

Report packages are a cost effective solution to streamline your ordering process. You can have multiple packages ready to order on your ordering platform. Do different positions in your company require different reports on their background check? When logging into your ordering platform have all your report packages ready to go just click on the package name you need to order and you are ready to go. Simple, Fast & Easy!

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