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International Background Services

Global provides large corporations and small companies with global criminal background checks, employment and education verifications in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Because of the difficulty in performing worldwide employment & education verifications, some employers have not attempted to verify international credentials or perform international criminal background checks. Global Information Network, LLC can streamline the process with our easy to use online ordering web-platform; Global will provide all the necessary release documents.
When screening an international applicant there are numerous legal and cultural obstacles that exist and must be respected. The hiring and screening practices of each country differ greatly, as do the sources and availability of the information required to fully investigate an individuals background. Global’s highly trained analysts will ensure that your international background checks follow all of the appropriate customs and laws of the country while maintaining the thoroughness and privacy.

Our International Background Check Services

International Background Checks and Verifications: Today, the talent pool is increasingly international and more organizations have multinational operations. International background checks for employment are an important part of a thorough, comprehensive employment screening program.

International Criminal Background Checks

Criminal research in over 200 countries. Provide demonstrable evidence of your due diligence in the hiring process. Global Information Network's reports have been approved by the United States Government to preform background checks for (TCN) Third Country National(s). 2 to 10 day average turnaround time.

International Employment History Verification

Multilingual sources and the understanding of international cultures make Global the provider to turn to when you need an expert to obtain the information you need to make the critical decisions on international hires. 

International Education Verification

Verify the candidate’s highest level of education directly with listed institutions.  Experience makes the difference when obtaining the information you require in a timely manner. With 25 years in the industry Global has the experience needed.

International Reference Interviews

Multilingual operations and extended business hours help get the interviews completed  fast and back into your hands.  Let Global deal with the international calls, phone tag and the language barriers.

International Address Verification

A physical inquiry and confirmation thru neighborhood sources.

Homeland Security Search

Check over 1,600+ sources National & International Terrorist watch lists, Fugitive and Debarment Lists.  Approved by the U.S. Government when ordering reports for TCN Third Country Nationals.

International Drug Screening

International drug screening is simply another great way to keep your workplace free from the liability that comes along with drug users.  Five or Ten Panel Test, Medical Review Officer (MRO) review and consultation on positive drug test results.

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