Domestic Services

Domestic Background Services

Global provides a full range of employment background checks so your company will have the fingertip access you require when ordering for a warehouse worker to a global executive. Global Information Network was one of the first companies in the industry to provide an online ordering platform.  With input from our clients the platform has evolved into a fast, versatile platform ready to handle any size business.  Want your applicants to place their own background check orders you can add the Account Management Center AMC to your platform.  Global can streamline the ordering process with our easy to order cost saving custom report packages.  Global will provide all the necessary release documents that you can add to your application process.  Give us a call for more information 800-527-0265 ext. 104

Our Domestic Background Check Services

There's a reason why so many large employers look to Global Information Network, LLC to efficiently implement, manage and control their employment background check screening program. We offer excellent customer service plus with our scope of reports we offer information in over 3009 counties, 64 parishes, 16 boroughs and 41 independent municipalities or cities.

Social Security Trace

Your first indication of applicant dishonesty. Find out if your applicant has provided a valid social security number, if it was issued prior to his/her date of birth or if it belongs to a deceased person.

Statewide Criminal Record Search

Criminal Court Record research can potentially help avoid workplace violence, as well as provide demonstrable evidence of your due diligence in the hiring process. To aid in this effort, GIN offers its customers timely access to state repositories as laws allow.

County Criminal Record Check

The county criminal background check is the most accurate information you can obtain. Global Information Network offers its customers timely access to any of the 3,187 counties in the United States. GIN can search felony and or misdemeanor information in any U. S. county.

Federal Criminal, Civil & Bankruptcy Record Check

This search will reveal violations of federal law. For example: insider trading, bank robbery, counterfeiting, interstate drug trafficking and kidnapping. GIN provides criminal research in all 91 Federal Districts in the United States. Research is done per district.

National Criminal Database Check

A database search of over 501,000,000 million records is performed looking for criminal records on your applicant using Name and Date of Birth.

Motor Vehicle Records Check

Verifying driving records is an important step toward ensuring that your company cannot be held liable for automobile accidents, regardless of whether they are in a personal or company vehicle. Driving record reports are available in all 50 states and verify the validity of an applicant's driver's license including violations, suspensions and revocations, type of license and any restrictions.

Employment Credit History Report

Recommended for all applicants interviewing for a financial position. This report provides a description of an individual's credit history for the most recent seven years. Inquiries are in complete compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and reported as "employment use".

Professional License Check

Verifying driving records is an important step toward ensuring that Verification of an applicant’s professional license and/or certification including the issue date, status and any disciplinary actions or restrictions.

Employment Verification Check

GIN offers verification of employment; let us play the phone tag allowing your human resource team to focus on important issues like applicant recruitment, employee relations and performance. Research obtained: dates of employment, position held and ending pay rate, when available. Custom questions upon request for an additional fee.

Education Verification Check

Academic history is the most commonly falsified information an applicant provides. GIN verifies dates of attendance, major studied, degree received, date awarded.

Homeland Security Search

1,600+ sources National & International Terrorist, Fugitive and Debarment Lists were searched and No Record Was Found.

OIG and GSA Sanction Screening Check

This is a search of the sanction information as taken by the OIG, the GSA as well as the disciplinary actions taken by federal agencies and by available licensing and certification agencies